New Vehicle Warranties at Jimmy Vasser Toyota

New Vehicle Warranties at Jimmy Vasser Toyota of Napa

When you purchase a new car, it’s important to know what coverage the vehicle has before you drive it off the lot. Every new Toyota from Jimmy Vasser comes with tire and wheel protection, so drivers can rest assured knowing we have you covered if you encounter a common road hazard that ends up damaging your tire or wheel.

Tire and Wheel Protection is from Toyota Financial Services, and it includes replacement-only tire coverage. However in the event that the damage cannot be fixed with a new tire, we’d take care of the wheel replacement as well to ensure everything’s taken care of. Covered road hazards including common incidents such as potholes.

Toyota Wheel Replacement Warranty
Toyota Tire Replacement Warranty

What’s covered under Toyota’s Tire & Wheel Protection Warranty?

Drivers who purchase a new Toyota vehicle from Jimmy Vasser will automatically reach the Platinum level for the Tire & Wheel Protection Warranty. This includes the following benefits at no cost as long as the damage falls into the covered road hazard category:

  • Replacement of a damaged tire
  • Replacement of wheel (if tire replacement don’t seal the damage)
  • Repair of unsightly cosmetic damage to wheel
  • Towing to nearest Toyota dealer (up to $100 of towing expenses reimbursed)
  • Coverage of associated labor costs

Those interested can take their coverage to the next level by becoming a Platinum PLUS member. This includes the same coverage listed above as well as Paintless Dent Repair and Windshield Repair. Windshield Repair coverage will take care of any minor chips or cracks up to six inches that occur from propelled rocks or road debris. Paintless Dent Repair will take care of minor dents and dings up to four inches in diameter by permanently removing them from the exterior.

In addition to the benefits listed above, we’re going to highlight a few more key aspects included for both coverage types. These include: no aggregated dollar limited, no limit to the number of covered claims and transferable coverage to another owner in a private sale. Coverage will continue for the replacement tires as long as they match the vehicle’s size requirements. Those with questions regarding details of the Tire & Wheel Protection Warranty are encouraged to contact just here at Jimmy Vasser Toyota of Napa for more information.

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